Neil Johnson


Neil Johnson


September 24, 2023

Beyond Gutters: The Roof Drainage Maintenance Plan

Imagine cleaning your gutters as an annual or biannual health checkup for your home; it’s important, but only one part of a personal health and maintenance plan. Just as a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular exercise are vital for our own overall health, a comprehensive approach to your entire roof drainage system helps mitigate significant issues and costly disasters, ensuring your home's long-term well-being.

6-8 minutes

Elevate Property Detailing takes a purpose-driven approach to both its business development and services, focusing on the "why" behind it all. We believe in going beyond mere ritualistic tasks and aligning our efforts with the real goals: protecting your home, ensuring your comfort, and providing peace of mind. This allows us to determine what "the right work" is, and the reasoning behind going “beyond gutters” in your regular maintenance plan.

This mindset has led us to develop a comprehensive roof drainage cleaning service, recognizing the critical role every element plays in safeguarding your property and so enhancing your overall enjoyment of your home and life. Let's explore the significance of this commitment and the six key aspects of roof drainage maintenance.

1. Safety:

Over the past decade, we've taken care of your homes and properties with a strong safety record, and we're always pushing for improvement in all aspects of the business.

In the next year, we're investing in even more safety equipment and training, exploring innovations like short-term tie-offs that securely hook over roof peaks (no roof holes needed) and large vacuum systems with extension poles for ground-level work (coming to Elevate in 2024!). The less anyone can be on your roof the better - both for safety and for your roof’s longevity.

These investments represent our unwavering commitment to increasing our professionalism, our team's safety, your property's care and protection, and your peace of mind. We all share the goal of a safe and secure home maintenance experience. Your support at our professional rates allows us to make this progress together. Thank you for being a part of our journey toward even greater safety and service excellence!

2. Roof Clearing: 

Okay, let's get up there! To keep your home cozy and dry, we start at the top. Our team removes debris from your roof, paying special attention to those tricky spots behind vents, skylights, and other roofline breaks. We do this to prevent moisture traps that can lead to leaks or freeze-thaw damage—super important, especially when the weather starts to chill.

2.1 Moss Removal and Moss Treatment:

Moss removal and treatment are critically important additional services that we offer, with a long term maintenance schedule available. It's like a guided fitness regimen for your roof, except we handle the work for you – a modest short-term investment that yields significant long-term benefits, relieving you of the hefty expenses and stress associated with premature roof repairs and replacements.

3. Valley Cleaning:

Picture the iconic mountains in our region, with their valleys and peaks. Well, your roof has its own valleys where water collects. Just like debris can accumulate in mountain valleys to cause flooding or blowouts, it can pile up in your roof valleys too. This buildup not only slows water from flowing downward but can also create horizontal flow, creeping under your roofing and jeopardizing its integrity.

Our dedicated crew is trained to maintain roof valleys because while lakes, ponds and marshes are generally desirable in our majestic mountain valleys, we can all agree they have no place on our roofs. We'll work to prevent any water from sneaking into your home where it shouldn't be, doing our part to keep it dry.

Another often overlooked aspect of the importance of both roof clearing and valley cleaning is that failing to do so can result in your recently cleaned gutters quickly becoming clogged again as debris naturally flows “down the watershed".

4. Gutter Maintenance:

Did you know a 2,000 square foot roof can collect over 1,000 gallons of water during a 1-inch rainfall? That's why we make sure your gutters are clean and clear, so this water can go where you want it to. Gutters play a crucial role in directing water away from your home's foundation and everything else beneath. We can even install foam blocks over downspouts to keep them flowing smoothly between maintenance visits (just ask) - a small cost for the great value they provide.

A quick note about gutter guards: They can be handy with leafy trees, but they don't solve all problems and should not take the place of regular maintenance. We often need to get under them to clear out conifer needles and roof sediment, and growth like algae and moss thrive underneath even the best designed guards. This organic growth can eventually clog downspouts. If you have gutter guards installed, make sure there are access points for cleaning at the downspout, corners and ends. Not all contractors include these upon installing by default unfortunately, so it's best to ask. And if they don't, we can help with that!

5. Downspout Flow Testing:

Cleaning gutters is just part of the equation. We also perform downspout tests to ensure water can be directed where it should be. Remember, this is all about maintaining a dry, hassle-free home, and clear gutters are meaningless without properly functioning downspouts. With this in mind, we are committed to downspout flushes and flow tests with every gutter clean.

6. Downspout Drainage Systems:

When rainwater exits your gutters, it's vital that it moves away from your structures. We consider the type of drainage system you have, whether it's surface drainage, a French drain, dry well, or weeping tile system. Our mission is simple: help you prevent water from lingering where it might cause problems.

Now, handling underground systems is a new challenge for us, but we're committed to delivering a comprehensive service and will be investing in equipment and training to maintain various other drainage systems in the future. While we may not have all the solutions yet, our aim is to possess the knowledge so we can identify and communicate potential issues to you before they escalate into expensive disasters.

At Elevate Property Detailing, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live; it's your sanctuary. That means our service delivery must go beyond gutter cleaning – it's about ensuring every aspect of your roof's drainage system works seamlessly to shield your haven from water damage.

We're driven by a desire to enhance your quality of life and we know the stress, financial burdens and health risks that water damage can bring. With our expertise, professionalism, and innovative solutions, we're here to help you maintain a safe retreat.

Our dedicated team continually hones their knowledge and skills while we invest in better tools and equipment to safeguard your investment effectively and efficiently, all while building meaningful, fulfilling careers.

Our mission is simple: to help you feel great in a worry-free home, where comfort and security are priority. We sincerely thank you for entrusting us to assist you in achieving this, year after year.

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