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Neil Johnson


April 12, 2022

Our Growth, and the 2022 Elevate Team

We take pride in working to offer our employees a comfortable and liveable wage, plus tons of opportunity for personal and professional fulfillment. As we consider new team members (and hope you can help us find them), let us take this moment to celebrate the ones who have got us this far what what they have taught us so far.

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The Joys of Being an Employer (no sarcasm)

Operating a solo enterprise has its benefits, but as the personal workload with Kaslo Window & Gutter Cleaning - now Elevate Property Detailing - has grown, I’ve come to understand the value of having team members. Doing so means I can better support the needs of clients, provide for my staff, and create an atmosphere of camaraderie and a little friendly competition.

More importantly though, bringing on new members creates a source of accountability. When I hired my first full-timer (Andrew) about five years ago for example, I noticed it had a reciprocal effect on me: I worked harder to fill the schedule, get us jobs, and grow the business. There was someone else depending on me for their livelihood, after all!

In bringing on a teammate, I noticed something else: I was more motivated to clarify the what’s, why’s, and how’s of running this business. Far from the aches and pains I had heard about from other employers, I discovered the creativity and joy of modelling a business to fit differing sets of experiences. 

From “Me” to “Us”

I now know that expecting everyone to think and act in one way can create roadblocks to business growth. Instead of just looking after ourselves then, we must remember that our employees will ‘show up’ in ways that reflect their individuality and upbringing. The question is no longer: how do I make everyone work like me–it becomes, how do I make my business just as successful as when I was solo?

My answer? To avoid so-called ‘employer pains’ through attempting a deeper communication and understanding, consistent expectations, and thorough technical training of the work itself coupled with the "why" behind it. 

I strive to keep our team’s philosophy front and center, regardless of the services we offer, so as to elevate the team by laying out a clear path upward with achievable steps and support. I’m working with the intention of providing opportunity to my team for the kind of livelihood that I want for myself. 

With genuine care and focus, we are working to create an atmosphere of fulfillment and authenticity–which has resulted in my being able to take on four employees and feel more confidence in growing further! I feel particularly blessed through these efforts - whether it’s from luck or by other means - to have happened upon a team of individuals who appreciate and even share this vision. As a bonus, we have a whole lot of fun together which many of you have expressed appreciation for. I think this itself is what continues to put us ahead of the game in our work together. 

That’s why today I want to introduce you to this years crew–and give you (or someone you know) an opportunity to become a part of our growing family!

The Crew

Here we are, beginning the 2022 season with an all-star crew of familiar faces! 

I’m both excited and honoured to say that Chris Poisson and Stefan Weaver are returning to the team this year, and we may even have Raya joining us part time this season. Patrick Johnson will be with us on the pressure washing crew. You’ll also (as usual) see me either in the field working and visiting with the lovely folks who give us their support, or in the office developing the inner workings of Elevate to reach our goals this year and beyond.

This season, my partner Che Fehrenbach and Stefan’s partner Stephanie Zacharias will also be teaming up with us in administration to fill Nicole’s enormous shoes. Nicole Hochleitner did amazing work in the office for us in 2021 and helped improve things greatly for the company. We miss her already, and we are looking forward to working with Steph and Che (pronounced Shay) on supercharging Elevate’s internal workings! 

We’re Hiring! Career or Seasonal Work Opportunity Available

Want to join our growing team? We are looking for two more team members to work in the field with us, either full time or part time. 

We are seeking someone with the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Enjoys team sports (cooperation, athleticism, healthy competition)
  • Attention to detail
  • The desire to grow as a person and community member
  • Committed to building their life in the Kootenay area
  • A balance of between a comfort with autonomy and an enthusiastic willingness to take direction

If you know or think of anyone who might be a fit and wants to travel the West Kootenays, and who wants to meet great people such as yourself, send an email to

PS: There’s a baby joining the crew in September! You’ll just have to guess whose it is!

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